Breakfast with the Archaeologist

“The Peace that was Granted had not been Kept:

Coronado’s Deadly Siege in Albuquerque”

Adventures in Anthropology welcomed Dr. Matthew Schmader for breakfast and a fascinating lecture.  His extremely important findings have brought to light new information about the first major Spanish expedition into New Mexico, led by Captain General Francisco Vazquez de Coronado (1540-1542).


The principal investigator on more than 50 research projects in central New Mexico during the past 25 years, he holds degrees from the University of New Mexico (M.A. and Ph.D.); his research focused on petroglyphs and rock images, central New Mexico (especially the Archaic period), the 16th century Spanish exploration of the Southwest, early Puebloan pithouse villages, and rock image site management and conservation.

Dr. Schmader currently holds position as Superintendent of Open Space with the Parks and Recreation Department of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Pueblo of Piedras Marcadas ‘marked boulders’ located at the Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center on Coors Boulevard.

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