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Supporting programs that focus on the diverse people of the Southwest, their past history, as well as their present interactions through the context of their cultures, history and community.

Through its programs, supporters, community outreach, and other activities, the team at Adventures in Anthropology, Inc. strives to benefit the public and especially school-aged children’s programs that encourage opportunities to learn the rich history of the people of the Southwest.


We aim to raise money for these programs by providing a variety of activities throughout the year in which members can get together for educational trips, attend Lunch & Learns, and come together as a community to support our mission.

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Said to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in North America, the Acoma Pueblo was settled in 1150 A.D. on top of a sheer-walled, 367-foot sandstone bluff, a natural defense location, with views overlooking the valley studded with sacred monoliths.

The community dwellings consist of adobe homes built by hand from supplies found on top or carried up the treacherous path from below.  The residents still live there without electricity or running water.

A Catholic Mission church is in the center, built in 1629.  The unique history of the community and its relationship with the Spanish colonials, both violent and accepting, is fascinating.  The Acoma culture has persevered in its traditions for 900 years…read more

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