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 An Adventure in the Four Corners 

Ascent to Eagle Nest House

Ascent to Eagle Nest House, Ute Mountain Tribal Park 

Pictograph of LizardThis ladder leads to the ruin named Eagle Nest House named in "1913 by the pioneering archaeologist Earl Morris, who partially excavated it. The village had been built by the Anasazi (ancestral Puebloans), those geniuses of the vertical, in two spurts of construction, between A.D. 1130 and 1150 and again between 1205 and 1220. Shortly thereafter, the place was abandoned for good, as part of the mass exodus of all the cliff dwellers from the Colorado Plateau, still the greatest of all Anasazi mysteries". (National Geographic)

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Our spring adventure will be an exploration of the Mesa Verde region, and it will take place from June 7 through June 10, 2014. The trip will be packed with visits to archaeological sites, rock art, and breathtaking landscapes. Historically, we will be traveling through the region that the Ancestral Puebloan people farmed and then abandoned around A.D. 1280, when they migrated to the Rio Grande, Hopi, and Zuni. Today Ute, Navajos, Anglos, and Mormons inhabit this land in Colorado and Utah. The trip will be organized and staffed by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, an educational and research institution in Colorado that has been working in the Mesa Verde region for the past 30 years. This adventure will include hiking in remote areas and river rafting.

Price for the Adventure to the Mesa Verde region is $1250.00

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Mexican Hat

Pictograph of LizardMexican Hat, a small settlement named after a curious formation nearby consisting of a large flat rock 60 feet in diameter perched precariously on a much smaller base at the top of a small hill. The village itself is small, home to fewer than 100 people

Eagle Nest House, Ute Mountain Tribal Park

Eagle Nest House, Ute Mountain Tribal Park

Eagle Nest House, Ute Mountain Tribal Park

Eagle Nest House, Ute Mountain Tribal Park

Pictograph on the cliff face in the Ute Mountain tribal Park.

Pictograph, Ute Mountain Tribal Park

Goat Pictograph
 These Pictographs were painted by Chief Jack House, last of the traditional chiefs of the Ute Tribe. Chief Jack House was the son of Acowitz House. Acowitz was with Richard Wetherill when Cliff Palace was discovered in December of 1888.

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